Gregory Family Tree has Deep Roots

Gregory Family I have for some time now been researching our Family tree. That is to say, I’m looking into the Gregory lineage. Being adopted has hampered me from researching my Irish / West Indian lineage. I do plan to look into the Irish side too though as I’m am in touch with my birth mother.

I am by birth a Geoghegan, (Geygan) which is a popular and common name in Eire.

Derbyshire Gregory’s

The Gregory family tree from Derbyshire is absolutely massive though. I got a copy of my dad’s immediate line from an old lady who lives in Tideswell. She was born a Gregory but Married into the Hunstone Family. ( another Notable Tideswell Family).

At the moment I have only just scraped the surface with a few names and dates but hopefully, as time passes I hope to have a deeply interesting log of who the Gregory family really were.

What I have managed to discover from just the briefest of looks at the family tree and corresponding documents, is that the Gregory’s have been moving around from town to town and village to village over the last few hundred years.  I managed to trace our particular branch of Gregory back to the Youlgreave area, finding instances in Elton, Winster, Stanton, Birchover and Matlock.

Today Matlock has the highest incidence of Gregory’s of any town in the whole country.  In Great Britain : 36 854 people share the surname Gregory according to our estimation

The surname Gregory is the 223rd most common name in Great Britain.

Are you a Gregory? Perhaps you can tell me something about your particular Gregory Branch?


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