Tideswell in Derbyshire

Tideswell is my home town. It’s a village on top of a hill plataue in the Peak District England. Tideswell is a large village really, with about 2,000 inhabitants.

My Parents’ families have lived there for generations. I was raised there. Tideswell used to be a very important village. It was situated in an area known as ‘The Kings Larder’ and the King of England used to hunt in the vicinity.

Tideswell Miners Scare King George

The Tideswell lead miners were renowned for their strength and were much prized by the military authorities. King George III is reported to have remarked when a group of miners were paraded before him in London-

” I don’t know what effect these men will have on the enemy, but Good God, they Frighten me”.

If you ever visit Tideswell, my advice is don’t pick a fight!!

Tideswell slang

* Sawyed – Nickname for people who come from Tidza. Relates to a myth that two Tidza farmers found a cow with it’s head stuck through the bars of a gate. Instead of cutting through the gate to free the cow, they cut the cows yed off.
* Yed -head.
* Watter = Water.
* Pobs = Bread dipped in gravy.
* Kewd/Whahrm = Cold/Warm.
* Bonk = Bank or Hill.
* Beastings – Raw milk, straight from the cow.
* Woe-Wall
* Woin- Building walls
* Wenchin/Laddin-Male/female courting.
* Put th’ wood in’t ‘ole- Close the door.

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