Apache stole my Bravenet

Im dumbfounded by an ongoing problem which is really beginning to bug me now.

Apache has stolen Bravenet.com. I know it sounds odd but for some odd reason when I typed http://www.Bravenet.com. All I got was the Apache server startpage.

I asked on a few internet tech forums if anyone else had any similar problems…

As far as I know, this only happens with bravenet…but I can access it from any other machine.

Now I tried looking for the solution using google and came up with this link

Why you see the apache start page

However, that doesnt answer why this only happens on my comp. So I tried ammending the httpd.conf file in Apache.  Here’s what happened and now instead of the apache homepage I get …

connection refused when attempting to contact http://www.bravenet.com

So next I tried to ping Bravenet….and got this…

It’s clearly seeing my testing server -localhost as bravenet…but Why? I just dont get it…If anyone has any Ideas …I’d love to hear them.

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