My rapidly diminishing eyesight

I have been working in I.T for about seven years now and after years of warnings from friends and family, the inevietable began to happen last year. Yes folks, I’m losing my eyesight.

I’d have to say that I took it hard really because I wasn’t really aware of just how bad my eyes had gotten. Perhaps I was just kidding myself.

Losing my eyesight

I first started to have problems whilst driving my car. Silly me never even thought it was my eyes. I kept changing the wiper blades on the car. Then adding progressively more screen wash as the screen was just so darn blurry.

Then last year, on a shopping trip to Telford, I went round a roundabout three times because I just couldn’t read the signs until I was right below them.

After mentioning this to my father-in-law, he suggested I try his wifes glasses on, they were a low prescription, so I thought “what the hell, why not?”

As soon as I tried them on my vision became cyrstal clear, and It hit me like thunder. I simply couldn’t beleive how blind I had become. Within weeks I had “Gone to specsavers”.

Today, almost a year on, I find myself increasingly relying on my glasses. I’m fine with close up items, but if I’m looking at something more than six feet away, I need help. I can’t tell you dear reader, how sad this makes me feel. For years I had perfect 20/20 vision. I could always see things others missed, and as a child used to hunt the dropped pin or needle for my mum with total success.

Today, I’m struggling with simple tasks like reading the overhead signs in the supermarket, and recognising people in the street. It’s deflating.

I have thought about getting contact lenses because my glasses do add an air of unwanted geekery to my appearance. However, after watching my partner clean hers each night I’m not so keen. I don’t know If I could be bothered with all the faffing and cleaning she has to do each day.

So, like that rather more famous diarist Samuel Pepys, I’ll suffer on for as long as I possibly can. At least I have the small comfort to know that there are solutions to this frustrating problem. Pepys, a man who’s talent for writing far overshadows mine, sadly never had that luxury.

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