Tideswell – Can I get a repost?

I decided to repost this article from the old blog location…
I’m finding the Tideswell website situation laughable at the moment. A few years ago I suggested to the Parish Council that Tideswell should get itself a website. They agreed and with a little effort, the website was implemented. I guess “Tideswell online” ran for about four years.

Tideswell Website

No one seemed to bother about updating the content. I lost the contract to keep it updated and a BUXTON company took over. In which time, they harldy ever updated the Tideswell website and then, I noticed this summer that the website had died altogether.

Now if you do a search on Google for the Words “Tideswell”, The top listing comes from Cressbrook, a little hamlet about 5 miles away.

Put Tideswell on the Map

Come on, people of Tideswell, this isn’t good enough you know! Are we going to stand by whilst a Cressbrooker has top listing for our great and glorious Village?

I say “A website for Tideswell…and a website soon”. Are you listening Parish Council?

Whilst this article may appear to criticise, It is only my love for the village of Tideswell that inspires me to speak out.


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