Tideswell Dale and Other Photos

CressBrook Dale
Photo by Stuart Allen.

I found these pics by searching on Google’s image search for the word “Tideswell”. I then emailed Stuart to ask his permission to use them.

Its funny really because even though I haven’t been walking around the area for a while I knew exactly where these photos were taken. Here is a map

Tideswell Dale

This particular one is the valley that “gibbet Rock” sits in. In the winter months it becomes flooded and this lovely little stream sits in the bottom. It flows from the Hills beneath Bretton…right down into Cressbrook Dale. Most of the year the Limestone Valley is dry though, which I think is a bit of a shame. I love that winter stream, it flows with real force in the winter months. Gorgoeus!!

I think this one is the stream that flows through Tideswell Dale…known locally as the Picnic area. This stream too is sedate most of the year and then flows with a venom during the winter months. I remember lsitting on a wooden bridge as a child..and dangling my legs inthe fast flowing water…it ripped my wellington boot clean off..I had to hop home.

Water Cum Jolly

This image brings back some mega memories for me. I used to come walking near here “Water cum Jolly” Which is essentially a large Millpond created to fuel the mill at Cressbrook. I always used to go out to see the waterfall or weir. My mum worked in the Mill when she was 15 till it closed 3 years later.

Walking by the Millpond which is pretty big, fills you with tranquillity, its so peaceful, and there is so much nature to be seen. In March it’s alive with mating toads and frogs, a strange and fascinating sight for sure.

When you grow up in a place like Tideswell, it imprints itself on your mind so completely.

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