Millers Dale Ghost

During 1992 I was working for Craft Supplies LTD in Millers Dale, Derbyshire. The job consisted of picking orders for the warehouse and shipping them direct to customers. The whole team got on fairly well, and of course there was an element of mickey taking.

Millers Dale Ghosts

The warehouse was old and had been converted into aisles on the first floor. There was much talk of ghosts, to be honest I could never work out whether or not people were just joking or serious. Until one day when I was picking alone upstairs. Helen, the supervisor had asked me to find Carl, one of my workmates.  I headed back into the main picking area to look for him, moving quickly past the aisles, I saw someone out of the corner of my eye, I couldn’t make them out, they seemed blurred. I stopped and looked again, there was nobody there. My blood ran cold. I went downstairs to tell the others.

Nobody seemed surprised. Helen told me ask Hazel about it. Hazel, who had worked there longer than anyone and was certainly a no nonsense sort of woman told me that she had seen a couple of things, she couldn’t explain. A figure that was always blurred.

2 thoughts on “Millers Dale Ghost

  1. Hello, having just stayed for a (fantastic) weekend at The Old Stores in Millers Dale, we wondered whether anybody has heard of any ghostly happenings linked to this property? We experienced some occurences that we could only call…….extraordinary.

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