Tideswell Ghosts – The Grey Lady

One night when I was aged about 10 years old,My parents had let me stay up late to watch a film on t.v with them. I was standing at the foot of our stairs, it was around midnight. Out of the corner of my eye I saw something move. I looked up to see a young woman aged between 25-35 standing at on the landing. She had a white crochet shawl on, her hair was pulled back in a bun and she wore a grey dress that puffed out at the waist. She smiled at me and took a step away then disappeared into thin air. I called out to my mum saying that I had seen a ghost, she just laughed and told me not to silly.

Tideswell Ghosts

Years later, a friend of mine was killed whilst crossing the road in Matlock, my parents and I were discussing whether or not there was an after life. I thought I’d recall the ghost story I have just told you. As I told the story, my parents looked at me seemingly shocked. When I had finished telling the story, my dad told me to repeat the story again, he looked very pale. I asked him “you’ve seen it haven’t you?” He just asked me again to repeat the story. I did so, that’s when he told me about his experience.

One night he had woken up feeling very hot. He sat up in bed to see a woman sitting on a chair at the end of the room. She had a white crochet shawl on and her hair was pulled back in a bun.

I was over the moon to find out that we had both seen the same thing, despite never mentioning the details to each other and the sightings taking place years apart. Since then, my mum has told me of the shape, sitting on the top of the stairs. Spooky huh? I lived in that house for 20 years and only saw what I believe to be a ghost once.

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