Ufo’s in Derbyshire & Stoke

Now, over the years I have seen some very strange things in the skies. I should at this point make it clear that I grew up in the Peak District which has more than its fair share of strange aerial sightings.

I am certainly not claiming that all the strange things I have seen in the skies are Alien spaceships, simply that I do not know what they were, and, that they seemed so profoundly strange to me that I could not simply dismiss them or forget them ever!

1. The flying Iron

Flying Iron shaped UFO. Aged about 15, walking along Gordon Rd in the early evening, my friend Lee and I saw a strange craft flying at very high speed. It crossed the entire sky in just a few seconds and didn’t make a sound. I remember us both commenting on the speed and strange shape, it was shaped like an old-fashioned iron. It was flying slightly on its side too.


2. The Splitting Stars.

I was walking home late one night when I noticed a very bright star coming in my general direction, my immediate thought was that it must be a jumbo jet. However, it was not on the normal flight path over the village.

The object was really bright, that is what struck me as unusual. I was thinking this is very low and can’t be that far away. Then the object stopped and froze, still glowing brightly. Next, I couldn’t believe my eyes, as it split into two parts. A new object shot off to the right at lightning pace. It went what appeared to be a few miles. Then it too froze. I was looking at two objects just hanging there twinkling. Then as suddenly as before the second object sped back the way it had come and disappeared, promptly followed by the first object. I just stood there gaping! The star split into two then zoomed off

Years later I raised this incident to famous Ufologist Jenny Randles, at a ufo meeting in Leek, Staffordshire. She pooh-poohed my story as “Earth lights”. I, however, do my research properly and what I saw did not resemble or even come close to most descriptions of Earth Lights.

To find out more about earthlights check out these websites.
* hessdalen.org

* http://www.watchingyou.com/marfa.html

* http://www.indigogroup.co.uk/edge/Peakland.htm


The Meteor Over Tunstall, Stoke on Trent

One day whilst walking down from the cemetery in Tunstall, Stoke on Trent. Dan and I saw what appeared to be a large fireball or meteor?

It was clearly visible in the middle of the day, we wondered if it was a plane burning up. Or if it was a meteor we expected it would be on the news. However, that night we scoured the T.V news and newspapers the nest day for news of a plane crash or meteor sightings and there was nothing. If you are from Stoke on Trent and recall seeing a meteor around 1995, let me know.


The Chase & Big UFO, Newcastle Under Lyme

1994/5 was an interesting time for me in the way of UFO and other incidents. One night whilst on an errand to pick up some belongings from my previous address in Clayton. I noticed planes appearing to line up in the sky. I thought this odd as their lights didn’t seem normal. One plane was coming from the left, one from the right…then they lined up till a noisy jet approached them and they both took off at high speed.

Ufo’s lined up in the sky

If that wasn’t strange enough, minutes later as I approached my old house I saw a very bright flash in the sky, and then an object shoot off like a shooting star. Thinking I had just witnessed something very strange, I was on edge for the whole time I was collecting my things. I had no car at the time and was using the local bus service.

As I arrived in Newcastle-Under-Lyme bus station, I looked up to see what can only have been large craft… or a flying greenhouse. It had huge brightly lit panels as it floated slowly overhead, I looked round to see if anyone else had noticed it but there wasn’t a soul in sight. I couldn’t believe what I had just seen. Sadly, I didn’t report what I had seen. Today, I kick myself for not having reported the strange things that I have seen.


The Orb shaped craft, Tunstall, Stoke on Trent 1997

This story is the best!! The absolute piece de resistance of my UFO stories.

I was living in Tunstall. At the time I had a job delivering the Betterware magazine in my local area.

I was down in the Longport area at the time of my extraordinary sighting. I noticed a bright red flashing light above the electricity substation which is on the hill. My first thought was that it was a beacon of some kind. Then I noticed it move. Again I thought it was just a helicopter or something. Then the light began moving in my direction…It came right down over Longport and turned slowly over the building that was part of “cookies light and sound”.

As it turned I could see that it was no bigger than a mini. It was sort of egg-shaped, or more like an I-mac. It had a red light on the tail that went from the roof to the floor. It moved slowly and silently. It then glided over the buildings and down over the road and off down the railway tracks. Again I just stood and gaped. Have you or anyone else seen anything strange at these times? If so let me know?


6. Weird flashes, Brassington Derbyshire, 2001

I had been to visit my mate Daws in Brassington, He had just had a son and that night, I couldn’t stay with him I had to scoot off. It was Christmas Eve 2001. I took a different route to my normal one. It was the route that meets up with the A6 Just After Haddon Hall on the Bakewell to Matlock route.

I saw some strange flashes in the sky, I kept checking my mirrors and peering out of the window to see if I could see anything but the sky was clear. The flashes continued so I stopped the car and turned off the radio and the engine. I couldn’t see any clouds in the sky and there was no sign of any thunder. then another flash, and another. They seemed to be coming from over the hill. I listened for the sounds of any plant works or a rave party but I couldn’t hear a thing so I decided to get the hell out of there as it was eerily quiet.

I know this doesn’t really count as a UFO story but, recently I found out that the whole area has become a UFO hotspot. UFO’s have been sighted all around that area. I’m just glad I didn’t bother getting out of the car, cos the last thing I want is to spend Christmas eve on Alpha Centauri! 🙂


7. Fast moving objects, Carsington Water, Derbyshire, April 2003

I went to visit my girlfriend in Matlock. After staying at her house most of the evening it came time for me to leave, as it was a weeknight. The time was about 1.am in the morning.

I was quite tired and had to concentrate hard on the road. It was deadly quiet and there wasn’t another car on the road. I drove through Ashbourne…I was on the leek rd…and was just about to turn off towards Stoke on Trent when something flashed past me at high speed. It was above the car but bright enough to catch my attention as I have a sunroof. I stopped the car a little shocked and then another one went past…they had both disappeared within a blink of an eye. I don’t know what they were but they didn’t make a sound. I didn’t hang about to see if there were any more. Ashbourne isn’t that far away from the UFO hotspot of Bonsall.

Ok, any readership I had managed to attract are probably shaking their heads saying…this guy is a nutball. Thing is folks there are more weird stories to tell..I’m a magnet for weird happenings. But another time eh?

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