University spooks? Ashford St – Staffordshire University

Whilst at University I spent two years living at 95 Ashford St, Shelton, Stoke on Trent. I had never had any real reason to think about any ghosts here. Sometimes we heard strange noises coming from the kitchen but thought nothing of it, old houses make noises, full stop.

One night however, I had come into the lounge after going to the chip shop to get my tea. Whilst standing in the lounge, I heard my bedroom door creak upstairs. I knew that it was my bedroom door as it was the only one in the house that needed oiling, it had a very distinctive squeak.

I remembered that I was the only one in the house that night so concluded that we must be being burgled. I quickly nipped next door and got my mate Dylan. We then both rushed into the house making loads of noise so as to startle the thieves. However, when we got up onto the landing we didn’t find any thieves, but even more strange was bedroom door was locked from the outside. So how could it have creaked open? This unnerved me somewhat, but I put it out of my mind.

Months later, I was lying in bed feeling rather drowsy when something landed on me. My immediate thoughts were someone had flicked a coin at me. I felt around in the dark for the coin but couldn’t find it. I put the light on to look for the coin then realised how stupid it was, there was no one in the room with me.

Months later, I was speaking with Chris Odina an ex occupant of the house who reminded me that the boyfriend of the girl who had occupied my room prior to me had been killed in a car crash. His name was Andrew and he used to stay over in the house quite a lot.

Chris told me that one time when he was alone in the house shortly after the accident he heard music coming from what was to become my room. He assumed it was just the girls clock radio, and so went up to turn it off, when he got to the room the music went off..but the room was empty. Another incident was the when the girl returned after taking time off to recover the room was full of butterflies. But the windows had been shut all the time.

I know there are probably logical explanations for all of these events but you have to admit, that when put together they are pretty creepy.

After that all the other occupants of our house used to joke when ever we heard a noise in the kitchen or a board creak up stairs we used to shout “keep the noise down Andrew”.

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