Gregory of Tideswell Family Tree Trail

Today we spent most of the day researching our family tree. I am researching the Gregory Side and Toria started looking up her parents side the Hazle’s who come from middlesex and the Mitchells who come from the South Too.

Whilst Toria had a lot of success, I have come up against a lot of conflicting evidence today.

Abraham Gregory is proving to be something of an Enigma. The Family Tree sheet that was given to me by Mrs Hunstone of Market Square may prove to be wrong in places…which is something of a blow.

The 1861 Census shows an Abraham Gregory aged 70 living with his Wife Hannah aged 56 in Sheffield with their son Isaac (27) and Isaacs Wife Henrietta (25).

This would mean that, Abraham would have to be born in 1791. My Tree map shows an Abraham Gregory born around 1789…I am just guessing but I reckon these are the same person.

Here comes the Problem….Abrahams Father is called…Wait for it….ABRAHAM. His wife seems to be called …Wait for it …Hannah!Hannah Stone.

Yeah I know, Now either by some weird coincidence both men married a woman called Hannah, or somewhere there’s been a stinking mix up.

Now Abraham senior, it turns out had at least 10 kids.
Jacob and James

I need to confirm Abe seniors wife..Any help would be appreciated.

3 thoughts on “Gregory of Tideswell Family Tree Trail

  1. Hi PhilI will send an email soon when we’ve moved into our new place and have internet connection/ email restored. We’re currently in a hotel, having sold our place: long story. Enough of that. Anyway, we are ‘related’/ cousins of some variety or another, going back to James/ Jacobus GREGORY:Gtx8 G’father:James/Jacobus GREGORYGtx7 G’father: James GREGORYGtx6 G’father: Anthony GREGORYGtx5 G’father: George GREGORYGtx4 G’father: James GREGORYGtx3 G’father: William GREGORYGtx2 G’father: William GREGORYGt Grandfather: James Henry GREGORYGrandfather: Frederick GREGORYMy mother: Jill GREGORYMe: Louise DE-HAYES Hope that list makes sense? You might be able to get a better idea from my website, which I will send you the link to via email in a week or two: it’s on Tribal Pages. Your website is fascinating: great job and an interesting read. If you want to get in touch, feel free to use my work email address temporarily:louise-de-hayesATwe.serco.comJust replace the AT with @ if that makes sense?Be in touch. Louise

  2. Hi Phil,Finally back on the net after a 3 week break: eeek… seems like ages. New email address know the AT bit.Cheers,Louiseps I did get an email from you at work but I’ve had the last week off so have not replied, sorry.

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