Peveril Castle

Last weekend, we went up to Derbyshire to take my parents to see the Christmas lights at Castleton. It was quite an epic adventure. We all piled into the Estate car…and headed out. I hadnt been to Castle ton in years so it was nice to go back there. I tried to get some shots of the castle but they weren’t very good really as you can see.

How stark the castle looks. I took this photo in failing light…I had to photoshop it to get the contrast. I shapened it up a bit too. looks crap but creepy.

I also took a few other general shots, one of a sort of Gypsy carvan thingy, that was offering the tourists rides round the village and a couple of an Organ Grinder who was playign outside one of the pubs.

I found it a frustrating time really as the quality of the photos I took were all poor the combination of, being jostled by tourists and failing light, doesnt really make for great photographs. Ah well, better look next time.

Here are the pics.

Peveril Castle
Originally uploaded by philgreg.

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