Gregory place names in Derbyshire

I found this info on Betty Gregory field, Birchover:

Around 1790 a lady called Betty Gregory drowned herself in a well that is still in a field near Ivy House. Betty was buried at the crossroads on Stanton Moor. The field is still called Betty Gregory.

Hugh Potter Archivist of the “Friends of the Cromford Canal” sent me an email regarding a question I posed him on the origin of the names of “Gregory Tunnel” and “Gregory Dam” on the Cromford Canal.

Here is his response:
I would say it is likely but not proven that the name of the tunnel etc comes from a landowner.

The nip by the way, refers to a narrowing of the canal to block it off for maintenance. The dam, to the embankment built to retain the canal water just to the east of the tunnel by Gregory Wide; (which is a widening of the canal created by the dam. Here,wo boat building docks are marked on the tithe map from the 1840s).

He contacted George Wigglesworth, “A local expert” George’s comments are below.

I had a query recently from a Phil
Gregory who was wondering about where the name of Gregory Tunnel came
from. His family comes from Derbyshire so he wondered if there was a
link. Do you know if the tunnel is named after local landowner?

mmmm! Various thoughts.
1. The location is almost in Crich Parish as well as certainly in Ashover
= Holloway.
2 The census for 1841 Holloway Gives Jacob 45 (and Mary) Gregory, lead miner in “Holloway” no indication of where. The lead mines could be at Wakebridge if so Gregory tunnel is that side.

Josh Gregory is a hatter age 40 (Mary wife 35 +4 children)(and named there later
on hat factory site as gardener).

3 The Ashover parish registers; I only have brief extracts, but in Ashover
bapt 1773 eg Dethick 1791 A Gregory had a Lea Stall in Ashover Church in
17 & 18thC.

4 Lea Hurst would have been a farm,but I have found no documentary evidence. Tenant of Lea Hurst, not known but seems one of the likely

Lea Hurst Was part of the Nightingale estate when sold in the 20th centy.

5 The documentation about Parish boundaries, The farm on the canal,
Ambergate side of the tunnel, the tentatively proposed turnpike
Holloway-Whatstandwell all have no mention.

6 There was a building (enclosure dwelling?) 1/4 way from the tunnel to
Lea Hurst in 1865 in Holloway Parish

7 The two Railway maps could give a name of tenant/landowner for those
later dates.

8 Mrs Grace Else (an elderly life time resident) writes when dealing
with place names in the village “Gregory Dam, and Spring, Gregory tunnel,
1705 Rebecca Gregory owned land here “.

9 Gregory features in Crich burial records but “of Lea” 1767
Wm Gregory is mentioned “incidentally” in the Holloway enclosure act

So dear readers , any thoughts…can you fill in the gaps? I need infor on these places…

Gregory Tunnel, on Cromford Canal
Gregory Dam (96-Dethick,Lea & Holloway (jp)-Wi)
Gregory Lane (49-Brimington-Sc)
Gregory Spring (96-Dethick,Lea & Holloway (jp)-Wi)

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