James (Jacobus) Gregory – Who are you?

Over the last few months I have had some great break-through’s. My main one was really being able to find James Gregory father of William. William Gregory was the furthest back I had managed to find on the Family tree.

Once I had James, I had Helen, and their Kids, fantastic! Now though, the search goes on and I have been pouring over the Youlgrave and Ashover records with no avail.

I contacted Lichfield record office and asked them if they were in possession of the Bishops Transcripts for 1670…I waited, then I had an email from Lichfield records office who told me that the bishops transcripts for 1670 were “missing” also they could find no other references to the marriage of James and Helen other than those posted on Winster ancestry.com.

I was totally bummed out, however, then, as if by magic, a new lead opened up.
I was browsing Rootsweb, looking for kids that were called Gregory born about the same time as James and Helens kids, my thoughts being perhaps “cousins”.

The parents of these Gregory kids may be James’ Siblings and hey presto, the trail heats up again. What I found was this…..

Elizabeth, born birchover 1703. I looked to see that her father was Jeremiah…..born…..hehee, BASLOW.

Jeremiah’s father….Robert
Jeremiah Gregory

The link showed that Jeremiah moved to Birchover from Baslow.
It shows he and his wife married in Baslow, but their kids were born in Birchover.

Chances are, it was an economic migration. Maybe mining or weaving or somthing like that. Perhaps, more than one Gregory sibling moved with them?

The document linked, shows they were travelling around…seems they went to eckington for a while…but didn’t stay.

Jerimiah GREGORY, wife, family Birchover 1699
Settlement application for Eccington

…I posted this on the Derbys gen mailing list

>Does anyone have any idea who were the parents of James(jacobus) Gregory
> b.1670 of Birchover. He married Hellen Walwin of Elton.
> I have a hunch that he might have come from Baslow or Calver. Loads of
> Gregorys there…and Jeremia Gregory moved into the Birchover area from
> Baslow….does anyone have any ideas?

I had a reply….

Perhaps he was either one of
the two who were born/baptised in 1677 & 1678 in Baslow (on the IGI). A
lot of Baslow families seem to have moved into the Youlgreave area in
the early days.

James’ MI death on 10 Dec 1758 gave his age as 83 and on the
transcription of the Youlgreave PRs (on CD) his age at burial is 88 – so
it’s rather hard to say which is correct but I would go with the
headstone/MI. £ and 8 could easily be misinterpreted.

The Jacobi/James bap on 4 Mar 1677 at Baslow has a father named Robert
and James named his first son James and his second Robert.

The other one, James Gregory bap 26 Jan 1678 has a father named Jacobi/James so it could be him also.

So many  men called James Gregory

Our James could also be the one bap at Duffield in 1676 also with a father
named Robert!

So the plot thickens, and we have new options…the gauntlet is laid down. Let’s see if we can find James’s parents and siblings before Summer 06.

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