Why I research the Gregory family Tree

I just thought it would be a cool thing to do for my dad. He took me to see a couple of old ladies who lived in Tideswell, that got the ball rolling, but I didn’t take it very seriously at first, it was, well, a bit too much like hard work.

However, 2005 saw me rediscover my enthusiasm for it and what a year it was.

I uncovered quite a lot of useful info. granted some of it had already been uncovered by other researchers; but the important thing was I found their work, added it to mine, and we have something that’s looking good now.

Dawn Scotting and Simon Goodwin have been of particular help to me. Rosemarie Lockie’s website and ancestry.co.uk have also been extremely useful.

Genealogy is important

Most people just dont understand how important genealogy really is. We all carry on with our lives and never stop to think of who will remember us when we are gone. Most people know the names of their parents and their grandparents but beyond that the information is so often lost.

Derbyshire Gregory Family Tree

I hope, when my research is more complete, to be able to present all the Gregory family heads with a substantial family tree, so that this lost knowledge will no longer be lost . I want all the kids called Gregory to know their heritage and where they came from. Being adopted is probably why this is so important to me.

In 100 years time, Gregory families and their relations will have access to the information that we “nutty family historians ” are seeking out today.

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