Gregorys in Elton,Derbyshire 1773-1822

The Gregory Front proved much more fruitful:-

Bought Bothams house in 1773, died before 1801
Oldest son called Abramham

Bothams House in Well St. Elton garden,Stable and Swinecote, Banksite,Croft and Foxlow.

Gregory,Charles::Smokehouse Deeds-1867

Owned land at the North side of the old smokehouse. This land previously belonged to Mr Barnatt.

William Gregory owns land Tennented by Joseph Gregory at a rate of £1.04s per year.

Joseph seems to own his own land too – pays 3+11 Tax.

William Gregory – Fined-5 shillings for using a cart without the owners name on it.
(That would make me soooomad)

but written in 1822.
Regarding the allocation of enclosures.

Plot allocation
Joseph-101,102, seems to have bought or earned the right to 1/8th the tithes of Elton

To Joseph-heir of Charles Gregory
8 acres, 2 roods and 21 perches

Mrs Burnett also researched some of the Gregorys from Baslow. Amongst her notes was details that::-

in the will of Robert Gregory, The Elder.
Humphrey owed 7+6pence to James of Baslow in 1691. (whether or not this is our James is to be decided).


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