Wallwin Family – Elton: Developments

15th Feb 2006.
I sent the following email to Dawn Scotting. Hoping that she might be able to shed some light on the Mysterious Helen Wallwin.

“Hi Dawn,

Whilst looking through your pages on Rootsweb I found this Wallwin family…as im sure you know well by now I’m still trying to trace James Gregory and Helen Wallwin. I think these might be the best bet for her parents??

Of course we have no record of Helens Birth….however…Im going to look again

What do you think?”

# ID: I16162
# Name: William WALLWIN
# Sex: M
# Birth:
# Death: MAR 1717 in Elton, Derbyshire
# Burial: 31 MAR 1717 All Saints Churchyard, Elton, Derbyshire

Marriage 1 Joan HAWLEY

* Married: 26 JUN 1661 in All Saints Church, Elton, Derbyshire


1. Has No Children Elizabeth WALLWIN b: 06 JUL 1662 in Elton, Derbyshire

Marriage 2 Elizabeth UNKNOWN

* Married: 1676


1. Has Children Joseph WALLWIN
2. Has No Children Mary WALLWIN b: 1683 in Elton, Derbyshire
3. Has No Children Martha WALLWIN b: 1687 in Elton, Derbyshire

Marriage 3 Hannah UNKNOWN

* Married: AFT MAR 1697


1. Has No Children Jonathan WALLWIN b: 02 JUL 1715 in Elton, Derbyshire
2. Has No Children Maria WALLWIN b: 1703 in Dudwood, Elton, Derbyshire”.

To my surprise…she agreed with my theory. We both acknowledge that we could be wrong and nothing is proven!!

Hi Phil

“I think you might be right about who the parents of Helen are, after all they were the only WALLWIN family in Elton in the very early years.

However, the baptisms (in the PRS and BTs) only start from 1682 and Helen was born about 1674, according to her age when she died. It does seem likely she was born in Elton as she was listed as being from there on her marriage entry, although again, that is not necessarily so.

Unfortunately the Elton parish records were partially destroyed by fire, so they are very fragmented.

I have now added her to the children of William and his first wife Joan HAWLEY with the proviso that her parents are not proven. I also found another possible son in the BTs named Thomas, there were no parents names given at his baptism on the 30 Oct 1697 so I’ve added him

as Wm & his third wife Hannah’s son also with the same proviso.
None of it will show up until the next update though.

Cheers….Dawn ©¿©¬

Then I found this on the IGI ( International Genealogical Index) So I wrote back to Dawn.

“Hi Dawn,

Of course, I’m delighted by your support for my theory…but now I’m going to throw something else into the mix….
I just found Mabel Wallwin on the IGI

Just in case you thought we ‘d put this one to bed… : )

Mabell Walwin

Birth: About 1675 Of, Elton, Derby, England
Marriage: 10 JUL 1696 Darley Dale, Derby, England

Potential sister?”

Update Sept 2014
Sadly, I don’t think I ever heard back from Dawn on that matter, and then life moved me on, and It was forgotten about until now.  Last week I noticed an error on the website and realised that some of the older posts all needed review.  I spotted these Wallwin related posts, and decided they needed a wee update.

2 thoughts on “Wallwin Family – Elton: Developments

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  2. Hi, really interesting for me as I’ve also been looking at the Wallwins (my mother was one, I think descended from William in your 2006 post). I’ve looked at Elton and Youlgreave registers but there are lots of gaps so your emails made me wonder if you’d found other good sources on the family. This was my route to your blog but the walks and photos are also great, thanks – must get out more next time we’re visiting family. Stephen

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