Wallwin Family of Elton.

Last weekend provided me with an interesting trip. I decided to travel to Birchover to see what Gregory info I might uncover, when I saw the sign post to Elton. Still being keen to find out who Helen Wallwin’s parents were, I turned off and headed up to Elton Village.

When I arrived, instead of poking round in the freezing churchyard as I did on my last trip, I went to seek out a way of contacting the vicar. The Cafe owner told me that the Vicar was not a local man and that my best bet for finding something out was to speak to Mrs Burnett, The local history buff. I went off to find her.

Mrs Burnett of Well St, Elton, told me that the house we were sitting in once belonged to a Wallwin. How odd!. Sometimes I feel I’m being guided in this genealogy game.

She listened politely to my explanation of my quest to uncover the Gregory family history, gave me tea and biscuits and then shared her knowledge with me.

As I said, we sought Helen Wallwin, and whilst we didn’t actually find her, we did find numerous other Wallwins, shame to say I was aware of most of them, sadly, they were all living almost a century after Helens birth.

Here’s what we did find.

Wallwin Family – Elton Derbyshire

Hearth Tax- Elton 1670

1670 Roger Wallwin
1670 William Wallwin (there were 2)

1673 – William–Roger


Elton Polltax 1678

William Wallwin
+ William Wallwin + Wife

1689 Polltax, Elton

William Wallwin +2 children

1705 Land Tax, Elton

Thomas Wallwin : 2shillings

1719 Land Tax, Elton

Thomas Wallwin : 14+10s

So, if I was a betting man, then the sensible money would be on Roger or William being Helen’s dad. I’d very much like to know why there seems to be no actual records of Helen anywhere. Perhaps one day, I’ll come across another genealogist who has some other record of her.

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