Warhammer figures return

Well, the sun has finally arrived, my seedlings are sprouting and may even flower, if I can keep the snails at bay.

Furthermore I found a few minutes today to post photos of my old Warhammer photos. Back in the day. The day being the late 80’s and early 90’s I used to display, my painted citadel miniatures in the cabinet at Sheffield Games Workshop.

Golden Demon Awards 1989 Sheffield Winner

I even won the regional heats with my Skarloc figure. At the World Championship, held in Derby (haha). I met John Blanche he managed to get one of my figures photographed for the Citadel minatures book 1989.

Golden demon awards - 1989 -Sheffield

Skarloc – Leader of the Wood Elves

Today we are lucky enough to have Broadband internet and 10 billion megapixel cameras. So I can now share a few of the better figures with anyone who is interested. Just Click on my photos-(Right) to see my pics or here is a whole group of Painters work.

Just for the record I never played the games …so dont ask me about em.

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