Tips on Composting

Ok,I know,I know as an ex fly,supercool,pimp mac daddy, the last thing I should be talking about is compost. But, if you like me have a house with a garden then you really should be making your own compost instead of buying it all in.

Composting is cheap, easy and good for the environment.

Did you know we can recycle almost 1/3 of all our household waste. First things first, find a space in the garden that you dont use much. Down at the bottom or behind the bushes is a good place.

Then check with your local council, one phone call to your local authority should tell you whether or not your they provide FREE yes FREE compost bins. If they do “BONZAAAI!” If they dont, dont worry a heap will do just as well.

Some things you can put in your compost.

Any fruit or veg waste
Tissue Paper
any dead plants
old soil and grass cuttings
weeds (but cut the roots off)

Things to avoid

Cooked foods
meat or flesh of any kind
glossy printed publications

Once you have a nice amount of compost material, keep it damp and thenleave it for a couple of months. Give it a turn over every now and then to let the air get to it (helps it rot down). Soon you’ll have some lovely sticky compost to speread on your garden..and best of all, totally organic.

A useful guide to composting can be found here::

and here

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