Tideswell film – updates

For those of you who are not already aware, I am creating a short documentary of Tideswell people detailing how we used to live. It was planned to film in early June and show the film on Saturday the 24th June.

However, due to work commitments it was impossible to prepare the whole project in sufficient time. The film is still going ahead though, I don’t want to rush the project, so filming will begin on the 24th..with the final production date yet to be confirmed.

I have arranged to borrow a broadcast quality camera, lights and mics. The only things left to finalise are backdrops and interview times. I’m hoping to film in some of the local pubs too, but have to obtain the permission yet.

With time ticking I’m as of yet a little unsure as to how much footge I can guarentee.

However, I am definately going to be in Tideswell on Saturday the 24th June 2006.

With any luck I will have organised an interview booth, to save setting up the static interviews time and time again.

I will be up and about filming background inserts from dawn. ANYONE WHO THINKS THEY HAVE SOMETHING OF INTEREST FOR THIS FILM SHOULD CONTACT ME (philgreg AT gmail.com).

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