Tideswell Brook in need of Attention

For those of you who have ever read my blog more than once will, perhaps, have worked out that some things really wind me up. One thing that yanks my chain is poor conservation, of our heritage.

As a lad growing up in Tideswell, I used to really enjoy a trip up to the carwash and Brook bottom, to catch a few Bullheads and sticklebacks. Furthermore, if you wwere lucky you could catch a young brown trout in your net.

Imagine my horror when I went up Manchester road this Sunday last. What used to be a healthy little stream that collected in a tiny walled reservoir was now nowt more than a meager trickle. The whole stream bed is choked up with weeds, furthermore the little walled reservoir has become all full of mud and weeds. There is no way a trout or a stickleback could make passage up that mess.

Weed choked stream in Tideswell
Look at this …tut tut.

I’m sure that many other Tidza folk would back me up in saying “it’s a bloody disgrace” and agree that something needs to be done.

Tideswell reservoir,Manchester road

I can hear a few though saying “yeah yeah, it’s not my problem” you know, I guess it isn’t but when the trout are gone from the stream forever, and the kids can’t catch a few tiddlers ever again, I guess someone might miss the lovely babbling brook we once had.

I know for a fact that many a kid has leaned over that wall and watched the trout dart back up or downstream and been filled with wonder. Sort it out parish council, clear the weeds and reflood that little reservoir so that we can see a few li’l trout again.

Now then here is the gauntlet:

Tideswell Parish Council. Dont make excuses!! Clear it with the farmer, I’ll come and clear the stream myself. I’ll ask no payment. Let it be said the offer has been made expense is not going to be an issue. My shovel and rake await the task.

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