Gregory Photos – Recollected

Gregory Family Photo

Gregory Family of Tideswell

Gregory Family of Tideswell circa 1890s

This family portrait shows most of the family around the 1890’s. I have no information about who took the shot or where it was taken. Charles Herbert is second from the left.

Charles Herbert Gregory – 1872 – 1938

Charles Herbert Gregory with Pitchfork

Charles Herbert Gregory

On June 25th, I went up to my Aunt and Uncles house in Tideswell, they had kindly allowed me to rescan some old family photos. I scanned some years ago, but lost the high quality originals to a computer crash.

I re-scanned the old pics, plus a few I had overlooked before. These days I made a better job of it , so here are a few of the Gregory pics.

Fred, Mona and Edwin Gregory

Gregory children Derbyshire

Three of his children, Fred, Mona and Edwin Gregory. Circa 1905?

Edwin Gregory was my Grandfather. He had a keen skill for anything mechanical.This wonderful old photo shows a school class, I guess this would have been taken in the old school in Tideswell churchyard. I cannot be exactly sure of the identities of the first two but we believe that they are Fred and Mona Gregory.

Edwin & Ivy Gregory with their Daughter Shirley (1930s)

Edwin Gregory Married Ivy Tomlinson from Chapel Milton

Edwin Gregory & Ivy Gregory

Edwin Gregory Married Ivy Tomlinson from Chapel Milton, Chapel-en le-Frith.

They lived in Tideswell until the 1990’s.
Ivy was a keen Accordion player and could also play the piano, she enjoyed amateur dramatics too.

They lived for a time at Town Head, Tideswell before moving to Pinfold, and then later to Sandford Cottage, Cherry Tree Square. Edwin was a brisk walker right up into his eighties.Even in his 90’s he continued to make model steam engines out of reclaimed machinery. All the models actually worked.

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