WW1 Links

I recently remembered that my mum’s Uncle Joe fought in the first World War.
His Brother died there,

Thomas William Craddocks War Grave

As did my Dad’s Uncle Frank.(See Photo)

Frank Tomilinsons War Grave

Both died at the Somme I think?

I’ll look for more information on them. However, The BBC are some interesting material on the battle so here are a few links.

BBC – Battle of the Somme

BBC – Battle of the Somme – Your Stories

Whilst some people still feel animosity towards the German people, I think we have to remember that they too suffered in the war. The ordinary men of Germany were simply doing their duty and following orders.

The BBC site shows the feelings of two men descended from German soldiers of the Great War.
The men are taking part in an Anglo-german-Franco march to commemorate the dead of the Somme

BBC – A German Perspective

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