Gregory Wills Expand Family Tree knowledge

My Cousin Mark Allen has been working on the Gregory Family Tree too. He has managed to get hold of some very old wills from some our most distant ancestors…seems we had money, YAY!!! Shame there’s none left, lol.

Anyway, Mark has relayed some of the info in the wills to me and they make for interesting reading. I’ll have to check out the copyright laws before I can post the details here but they are quite revealing. One thing that we did find out was that, William Gregory of Youlgrave b 1703, and his Wife, Hannah(nee Holehouse) Were moving between Ashover and the Youlgrave area quite a bit, as some of their children were born in Ashover and some in Youlgrave.

As most of you know, we are still searching for Williams Father, James/Jacobus. I found a James Gregory in Duffield but no evidence to say he is ours. The Baslow link seems to have gone cold as the James Gregory born there seems to have died way too early to have been our guy.

Someone out there has the key to this mystery.


1 thought on “Gregory Wills Expand Family Tree knowledge

  1. So kind of you to post on the Gregory’s. My hubby is Phil Gregory.Having a heckuva time finding his ancestors.Only know his grandfather.Turmon Morton Eli Gregory born 1884 in alabama in USA.We don’t know his parentage… AAArrrggghhh!!!! Thanks, Nelda

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