Gregory’s at Ashover – More info

Well, after having my initial hunch, being sort of right ( That some of our Gregory’s came from Ashover) I popped up there today.

Ashover Gregory’s

I wandered into the churchyard and started looking at the graves, The Very first grave I came to Was a Gregory one. Typically though there was a wedding just starting so I went and made myself scarce, for a bit and wandered off round the back of the graveyard looking for more Gregory’s. I ask you , what normal 32 year old spends his saturday afternoon wandering round graveyards? It’s morbid, I want looking at!

Anyway, I didn’t find any more Gregorys as I was only casually browsing, I did find loads of Allens though, Cousin Mark might be interested in that.

Getting back to the Gregory’, I spotted a Grave dedicated to the Gregory’s of Ravens Nest 1600-1938. I thought this must be some replacement stone to commemorate a lot of Gregory Graves no longer standing. Most of the Stones at Ashover are suffering from heavy erosion.

I went down to the cake shop and as I was pondering whether to buy carrot cake or mild fruit, I asked the lady proprietor if she knew where Ravens Nest was? She said that she knew the place as the Ashover Gregorys were Miners and owned Gregory Mine. The good lady listened, to my mini spiel about doing family history, my dad being a Gregory and what not, and pointed me in the right direction.

The Gregory’s of Ravens Nest

When I drove up there I realised , Wow!!! These lot were minted! I mean Ravens Nest Farm as it stands today is a £800,000 house. It doesnt seem, from What I could see to have any of the original building left, It will now be interesting to see who if any of the Gregorys who lived at Ravens Nest are related to my lot.

Seems that two occupants of Ravens Nest in 1881 were Mary Rose Gregory and her father John Bassett Gregory

And as I type I find more, John Bassets wife was Maria
They had Two more Kids, Annie and John.

Seems like they had some help on the farm there though,
A William Hill -Horseman
Samuel Goodwin – Yardman
Sarah Ann Fox – General Servant

I Wonder where the descendants of the Gregory’s are now? 1881 isn’t that long ago, should be able to find these with ease. Famous Last words.

2 thoughts on “Gregory’s at Ashover – More info

  1. I am researching my husbands family tree. I am interested in the Gregorys of Ashover as this is where they came from, before moving to Leicester.
    My line is John Gregory born 1727 Overton, Derbyshire. He is married to Frances ??
    He was a printer, who started Leicesters first newspaper, The Leicester Journal.He was a freeman, alderman and mayor of Leicester in 1781.
    Would this family be in your tree please? I would like to find out who he married if possible.
    Thank you,

  2. It isn’t just the Ravensnest Farm. Ravensnest is an area, so if you have ancestors there, as I do (the Birks) be careful. Research fully. Good luck.

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