Tideswell Makes – Flagr

As well as posting the location of Tideswell on Google Earth I have endevoured to make a few posts on Flagr too. The point of this is to use web 2.0 applications to share information cheaply and easily.

Before if any Tideswellian wanted to evangelise about the are we had to purchase a domain name, learn about FTP and web design just to get the information out there.

With Sites like Flagr etc we can simply sign up and post whatever information we want to share.

Flagr allows members to place small markers on a map at places of interest. It allows you to add details and even photographs of the place you are flagging.

This is a great way for small villages to raise their profile.

The Flagr site allows you to see the world in map, satellite or hybrid view, so you can accurately find the places you want to flag. The Satellite is my favourite. It’s easy to find your house.

2014 update: Flagr has since ceased to exist.  Shame, it had potential.


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