The Disclosure Project – Two-hour Disclosure Witness Testimony

DISCLOSURE WITNESS DVDThis 2 hour video is a distillation of over 120 hours of video interviews made by Dr Greer. Dozens of highly credible military and government witnesses discuss UFO events and projects they have worked on, with introductory and overview commentary by Dr. Greer. The video is divided into sections and is an excellent item to have and show to others, to get a full understanding of what the Project is about. It is more informative to see this video prior to seeing the May 9th Press Conference video.

Sections covered in this video are:

*Secrecy Risks: what are the global risks if we do nothing
*Human Witness Testimony: dozens of witness testimonies that are real and shouldn’t be ignored.
*Witness testimony to nuclear weapons that were sent into space and destroyed by UFOs.
*Astronaut and Satellite Related Testimonials
*Craft and Body Retrieval of Extraterrestrial Origin
*Secrecy Examined: how it works through the unacknowledged special access projects and compartmentalization. i.e. How some members of our Governments are kept in the dark.
*The Secrecy behind Space Based Weapons: its lethal implications.
*Threats and Ridicule: suffered by those wishing to disclose the truth.
*Why the Secrecy: and why it is no longer necessary.

Video available here: Donations are also very beneficial.

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