100 Posts on Daily Bread a Tideswell Man’s Weblog

Wow, that was pretty quick, of course I did write about 50 posts on the previous blog, but this one has been the best and most sustained effort ever.

Writing a blog on Tideswell alone, is of course a near impossible feat. Given the fact that I’m not there very often these days. So I decided to pepper the blog with a few random posts on random topics. The hope is that other people may be inspired to reply to the blog and spark some conversation.

To many writing a blog is a pointless exercise, but it saves me writing 100’s of individual emails and sending off the same photo to all and sundry, its a sort of online snackbar of my thoughts and deeds, people can take it or leave it.

I’m pretty sure that there must be something interesting to a few people out there. I do realise that as well as being an arrogant, and often outspoken pig, somewhere underneath it all I’m a normal geezer who might be able to make a connection with the way other people think.

I have been privileged enough to meet and keep the friendships of a lot of varied and interesting people, bringing them together is part of the aim of this blog.

This is why I today created the Tideswell Group on google groups

I’d like to start by getting Tidza folk who use the net talking to each other. We tried a village website and that neve quite got going. Hopefully with the new Web 2.0 applications out there, such as blogs and podcasts we can finally get an online community of Sawyeds.

Of course anyone else is free to come on board too.

So on this, my 100th post..I ask you to invite someone to subscribe, or just bookmark the damn thing. I have many a quality rant in me yet, and much useless information to impart to thee amigos.


1 thought on “100 Posts on Daily Bread a Tideswell Man’s Weblog

  1. “…a sort of online snackbar of my thoughts and deeds…”That’s an excellent defintion of a blog! I may borrow it.Congratulations on your 100th post.

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