BBC’s New Robin Hood – The verdict

Well, I had been eagerly awaiting the New Robin Hood for some time, I had high hopes too. As a boy, I always loved the Robin Hood story right from the Erol Flynn and Basil Rathbone movies..down to more modern adaptations like Costner and Rickman.

Furthermore, I really loved the Robin of Sherwood series back in the 1980’s with Michael Praed and then later Jason Connery. So, when I heard that the Beeb were bringing back Robin Hood, I could hardly contain myself. It’s been some time since the 80’s and I was expecting the Beeb series to pick up on and improve where Robin of Sherwood left off.

Michael Praed as Robin of Sherwood.

Deflating is the only word for what I witnessed last week. I was disapointed to see that Robin Hood has been demoted to a short haired midget accompanied by a joking buffoon who has wandered straight off the Lord of the Rings set.

Much the Midget's son

Mutch mate, Jokes are Friar Tucks role…leave it, just get back to being dumb but brave.

As well as being too short of stature and jokey…the costumes were poor. No, not poor, awful, terrible!! The baddies were wearing Leather jackets with lapels? WTF this is 12th Century Nottingham, not 21st century New York.

Another point, the women, they should have been more pale and, without modern make up. It is actually possible for women to be made to look attractive without daubing them in blended mascara and eyeshadow. All this inaccuracy just spoils the feel of the show, everyone is just too god-damn clean!!!.

Why do they have to try to modernise everything? I wont be surprised if Robin rides a motorcycle in the next episode.

I presume that the first series is already in the can, but let’s hope they fix some of these silly errors for series 2. Oh yeah and get rid of that stupid whooshing Arrow!

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2 thoughts on “BBC’s New Robin Hood – The verdict

  1. I missed it. Sounds like I did not miss very much. It annoys me that they portray people with perfect teeth, perfect hair etc. I guess its the influence from across the pond.

  2. I watched my first ever episode of this thing tonight, and to be honest i was thinkin along the same lines. I’m just waitin for the Harrier jumpjets to come speeding past to bomb Nottingham castle…

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