A Gregory Relative Re-discovered

Yesterday I spoke with my Grandad’s first cousin Malcolm Gregory. He was kind enough to phone me following a letter that I had written him asking about any Gregory info that he might have. Malcolm is in his 80’s and remembers a lot of things that no one else can help me with so I feel very lucky to have found him. Thanks to Simon Goodwin for the tip off!.

Malcolm doesn’t live in Tideswell but he used to visit quite a lot. He has lots of information to share with me and we have agreed to keep in touch via snail mail. I’m looking forward to the arrival of his first letter. I’ll post any points of info to share with you all. He remembers my Grandad, Edwin and also spoke of Doug Cartledge.

1 thought on “A Gregory Relative Re-discovered

  1. This is pretty awesome stuff you got here young man! Just been showing a couple of the pics you posted up recently to my mum, shows the shop of who you think is Charles Gregory, which seems to sell a hell of a lot of Bovril!I’m gonna keep exploring…Matt Gregory, fellow Stoke-ian.

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