Gregory Brothers Shop Seedley, Salford & Tideswell Connections

The letter from Malcolm Gregory arrived last night. As I looked through the contents, each item was more exciting than the next. I’ll share the best contents with you here.

1. A Photograph of Gregory Brothers shop at Seedley in Salford, Manchester. circa 1900- 1914.

The man in the doorway could be Charles Gregory 1890 – 1919. His father Ben owned this shop then. This was the last Gregory Brothers shop, closing in 1937. Ben was a brother of my Great Grandfather Charles Herbert.



19th Century Flyers for Gregory Brothers Shop, Manchester

These flyers talk about the “Record Reign of Queen Victoria. looking in detail the provisions are fairly common place even today.

3. A Page of the Prestbury Parish Registers 1728.

Showing the Marriage of William Gregory of Youlgrave and Hannah Taylour of Wilmslow 1728.

4. A copy of the Marriage certificate of Jacob Gregory (1802 -1858) and Mary Leech – Both of Tideswell.

5. Alfred Gregory b.1876 – 1930

Alfred Gregory is the Father of Malcolm. He married Agnes Hitchen. They had 6 children
Muriel, Dorothea, Leslie, Nancy, Charles, Malcolm.


Edwin Gregory 1900 – 1995

Here is my grandfather, Edwin in a nice old car, on what looks like the car park outside the George Hotel, Tideswell.


Charles Gregory 1830 – 1903(doorway) and son Ben 1864-1928(cart) outside Merman house,Town Head, Tideswell.

Merman House was filled with junk for most of my childhood. I always had a funny feeling when walking past it. Thankfully, today the house is restored to former glories.

8. Edwin Gregory with Sarah Jane Gregory 1860 – 1936

I don’t yet know who the younger woman is…

9. Charles Gregory – Salford. 1890-1918

Charles died in France in hospital. 11th nov 1918. He was the son of Ben.
His name appears on the War memorial in Tideswell and I also have a photo of his grave which is shared with his grandparents Charles and Elizabeth.

10. Thomas Gregory 1862-1945-50 and Dorothea Gregory 1905-1998

I’m sure there is much more to come. I’ll post any information I get, as I get it.

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