Diana death a ‘tragic accident’ – if you say so squire…

Whilst it seems that this so called “evidence” closes the case, lets ask a few Questions.

1.Why do Mr Paul’s family insist he NEVER drank.
2.Why didn’t the Bodyguard,Di or Dodi prevent him from driving if he was Drunk?
3.Why on earth would a pathologist make a statement like “At least she wasn’t pregnant”? This doesn’t sound like something someone would say unless prompted. It sounds like an artificial sound bite.

4.Why wasn’t the enquiry held within weeks instead of years?
5. With all the CCTV technology available, why has the Punto never been found?
6. BBC reported DI as having Broken arm from the crash, why…then hours later it is reported that she was dead?
7. How would the government handle the situation if the future kings mother had married and bore children to a Muslim?

I just don’t know about all the conspiracy theories…but for me all these questions still have to be answered for me to fully accept the findings of the inquiry. After reading the responses of the public on the BBC Your say page , I have to say I’m astounded at how easily people accept whatever they are told.

I mean, if the BBC said Giant frogs from the planet Aqua had arrived on space faring motorcycles and were on a mercy mission to replenish their planets Lemonade supply, would these same “Practical, down to earth” people accept that too? Of course not.

The no nonsense brigade want to believe Diana’s death was beyond any shadow of a doubt, an accident. Why? Because to believe anything else would shatter their illusion that that are safe, that they live in a democracy, where their vote counts and their privacy is protected. It would mean that the state is more self serving that altruistic, and it would mean that no one is beyond the reach of the powers that be. So for these reasons the conspiracy theories are pooh-pooed, but as I stated at thew start of this article. There are still too many unanswered questions.

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