Sci fi Robots become reality

This week saw the world Expo in Japan, and robots were featuring heavily. One Robot I spotted on the BBC caught my eye the most because it really comes right out of a science fiction movie.

Its a Robot Walking Vehicle. Its enclosed and its huge. I should imagine that these things would make awesome weapons if they were ever to be deployed in a war zone.

Having seen the demonstration video I doubt that they have got the feet quite right its more like a crane on roller skates…but can you imaging the possibilities with a few tweaks, It would be great in warehouses and for fire fighting, policing etc.. If they can get rig of the jerky movement and huge amount of noise, they would make pretty cool personal vehicles as well, if a little slow.

Take a look tell me what you think.

And finally.

This story is inspiring, its about a man who broke his back in accident and was told he would never walk again…He ignored the doctors and built a suit that actually lifts his body and enables him to walk.

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