Bulldog Broadband – Possibly the Worst company ever

For those of you thinking about getting broadband, or switching service provider. I’d like to take this opportunity to warn you against signing up with Bulldog.

My experience has been terrible from the outset, Ironically I moved from Pipex, who were pretty reliable, but expensive to Bulldog. Pipex now own Bulldog, but that’s another story.

Since joining Bulldog in May 2006, I suffered

  • A loss of service lasting a week, -No compensation.
  • Reduced speed and terrible customer service.
  • At Full speed – constant connection dropouts – upto 5 per night.
  • Had speed reduced again, so IMO falsely sold product.
  • Not billed for 5 months, despite having set up direct debit
  • Then penalised for being in arrears, despite me informing them they hadn’t collected.
  • Forced into an unreasonable £59 per month payment plan, to clear arears..on a £30 per month service.
  • Bulldog change payment plan conditions with notice 2 weeks after the event.
  • Disconnected for missing new payment plan dates, told to pay in full to be reconnected or incur charges for full contact. Given 16 days to settle account.
  • Told by Customer services only way to complain about disconnection is by fax, which takes 30 days to get a response. 30 days – I only have 16 days to pay-Go figure??!!XX~@@

I could continue, but over 50 phone calls, and still no service says it all to me. Don’t Deal with this company unless you are a glutton for punishment,

If you have been unlucky enough to have had dealings with them, I suggest you visit the My Bulldog Hell site , they gave me some numbers to call. It’s a long slog but if you have any trouble at all report Bulldog to ISPA. Bulldog are ruthless, cold, disorganised, disconnected and arrogant. They don’t listen to the customer and provide no real way of getting problems solved.
It is impossible to speak with anyone in authority who can get things done.

2 thoughts on “Bulldog Broadband – Possibly the Worst company ever

  1. I can sympathiseI was with this crowd for two years.I came home of the 20th of September this year to find my broadband off and phone on incoming calls only.I recieved a letter on the same day demanding apayment of 280 pounds. I phoned them and tried to make an arrangement. Iwas told that they would only resore my services if I paid the whole lot aat once, no alternative.I paid 180 pounds but was refused a reciept, they continued their action then curt me off completelyI paid the last portion and my contract was cancelled by them. My complaints were never dealt with and complaining to OFCOM did no good, they didnt seem interested.These clowns should be shut downThomas Campbell

  2. Since I made this post..I have had some form of resolution.If you find yourself in a similar situation, I strongly advise you to write a letter to their complaints dept. It’s a pain, but it does eventually help.I ended up writing several letters Bulldog made £payments to me totaling £160. When my statutory contract was up I called them to cancel and they begged me to stay with them..I told them to make me an offer I couldn’t refuse. I ended up getting my Broadband and line rental + a £12 call package..All worth £42 for £15 per month.Bulldog are still the worst company ever, they still provide crap flaky broadband…but, If you are prepared to be a pain in their side, you CAN make it work for you EVENTUALLY.

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