Birchinlee, Derbyshire – The Gregory Brothers Store

Derwent Dams - Birchinlee -Tin Town

Gregory Brothers Store – Birchinlee, Derbyshire.

More gems from my second cousin Malcolm Gregory.

I asked in a letter if Malcolm knew anything about the Gregory brothers owning a shop in the temporary village of Birchinlee, which was constructed to house the workers who worked on the Derwent Dams over Bamford, Derbyshire. No sooner had I asked then Malcolm had kindly sent me this beautiful photo.

One of Birchinlee’s main shops

Serving behind the counter is Nathan Barlow. The boy on the chair is Jimmy Baines. The customer was actually the shops resident housekeeper known as “Granny Bookler” who worked for the Gregory and Hitchen family for many years.
The shop was owned by Thomas Gregory of Tideswell.

3 thoughts on “Birchinlee, Derbyshire – The Gregory Brothers Store

  1. Hi Phil – there is a small paperback book in Tidza Bookshop at the moment on the Derwent Dams and it briefly mentions Gregory’s shop. Let me know if you are interested in it and I’ll let you know where to find it

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