Make time for your RUNTIME – POSER

Anyone who has read my blog before will know that one of my first posts was concerning the Poser runtime.

Being a Capricorn I have to plod up the mountain taking small steps.
I had to understand what the hell was going on with the runtime. I had to improve my poser runtime organisation before I could ever become any good with poser.

Organising your Poser Runtime

whether I’m good or not, I leave to you to decide. I think I’m improving satisfactorily. More importantly though. Productivity is up-BIGTIME!!!

“How did you do this” I hear you all Cry at once. The answer is simple, if you can put yourself to sacrifice. Remember, “put crap in…Get crap out”.

Last week I finally got around to buying an external portable hard drive. I picked up the Western digital 160 GB Passport Drive.

I then proceeded to remove and backup all Poser files, installed and downloaded off my pc hard drive. Boy did that make a massive difference speed wise?

Next I made two folders on my portable drive. These were copies of the ones that had existed on my PC.

The folders were called

1) Poser downloads

This is all the installers and zip files of Stuff I have bought and Freebies etc. This folder is massive and is organised into subfolders and genres. e.g Characters, Props, etc.

2) Poser content

This folder is full of individual runtimes. Yes! I said Individual runtimes. Instead of installing my products into C:/program files/Poser7/Runtime I install each item into its own folder on my Portable.

!A3 Body suit
!A3Tail Gunner
!A3 Alice etc etc
!M3 Warrior
!M3 Desert soldier

Something like this…(old photo)
philgregs Runtime organisation

By installing each product separately they are automatically organised by alphabetical order making the Content folder easier to navigate.

Now, when I want to create a scene, I simply load poser with its tiny default runtime. Then Click the plus sign in the figures menu and browse for the product I want to use first, e.g M3.

I load the figure and add morphs etc. Then I get the clothes and hair in the same way. Instead of having a massively bloated runtime loaded up each time you want to make a little scene.

This way I can see at a glance all the products used in the scene by simply clicking the figures tab. It’s so easy.

now, I am producing art work every day as opposed to every week or fortnight. Whats really neat too is that the art i’m producing is much more diverse than before because it’s so much easier to find the files I want.

The Portable drive works by USB , so I take it to work with me use and it on my Mac, and my PC’s in the office and home. All my Poser runtimes are immediately accessible.

Right enough evangelising, Just a final point. If you want a nice efficient set up like this…you have to buy a decent portable. Also BACK UP, because even portables go down, get stolen, lost or damaged.

Take time to organise your downloaded files and installers into easily searchable categories. Then take time to think about your naming convention for all the separate runtime folders. Make sure you put the name of the figure first, then the clothes or character name. this process is long and boring and almost unfinishable. However, once you do it, you’ll never look back, and poser will fly. Your productivity will increase dramatically and you’ll wonder why you didn’t do this months ago.

If you choose to follow me….Let me know how you get on, or alternatively let me know how you sort your files. I’m still learning.


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