Jonny Allen R.I.P

On 18th August 2007 I attended the funeral of my old friend Jonny Allen. Jonny was only 35 when he died.

I grew up with Jonny and Chris, they were neighbours of mine. We played football most days as boys, and quite a lot of releivo. Jonny was a kind and funny bloke, and was very popular with everyone who knew him. I hadn’t seen him in a while, but always counted him as a friend of mine.

St John the Baptists Church was full of friends and family, from far and wide. It was a very moving occasion to see the whole community coming together to grieve as one big family for our lost brother. I have never experienced such an outward display of love.
Andrew Burns did a heartfelt speech for his best friend, as good as anyone ever has, and like he said “who can sum up a life in a few lines”?

After the service whilst talking with friends I realised that when you live away from the village, as I do sometimes you don’t get a chance to tell people that they are your friends.

There are many people in Tideswell, and beyond who I have shared many happy moments with, either as kids or as adults. I’ll take this opportunity to tell you know-You are my friends, I miss home, and I think of you often, even if you hear from me or see me rarely. I’m sure we all feel like this about our friends and loved ones, so now’s the time to remind them.

Jonny, We’ll all miss you mate. Rest in Peace

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