The Power of holidays

We didn’t take a holiday last year due to being broke. It Amazes me that we were so broke but things happen, bills come up and sad to say it didn’t happen.

This year my partner, sought out a perfect little break for us in Cornwall, if it was left to me I probably wouldn’t have got it sorted.

We headed to Crantock in Cornwall, its right next to Newquay but a lot quieter. I caan honestly say we couldn’t have a had a more perfect time. I guess a few more pennies to spend would always be a bonus.

The reason for me writing this post is really to say that I had’nt really understood just how much we need to take a break from the normal routine.

before we left i felt totally washed out and disillusioned with life. One week walking on the beach twice a day, hot sun perfect waves…nature, clean air and peace. I feel a million times better. I think we all do. My daughter and partner both seem so refreshed.

Now we have to settle back into the old routine though. I’m saving already for next year.

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