Edwin Gregory – 1900 – 1995

Edwin Gregory - Tideswell

Edwin Gregory – Tideswell

Edwin Gregory was my Grandfather. My fathers father. He was fit as fiddle well into his eighties, or always seemed it. He could walk at a blistering pace and used to walk up “Town Head” to tend his plot of land. I know little of his early life, save to say he had some mechanical skills.

When I was a boy he would produce amazing Steam Engines from discarded pieces of junk. I mean, these things actually worked, they had boilers and chimneys, drive belts, wheels etc. They took real fuel. Sadly, I don’t have any pictures of one of these devices, but I’ll endeavour to get one.

Anyway, I took this photo myself when I was just a small boy. For a while it hung in my grandparents house, as everyone was so proud of it. I had certainly never taken such a good photo before, and hardly ever since. I never seemed to have a copy though for whatever reason, then when my Grandparents had died, I got to thinking about it. As it was the only decent photo we ever had of Granddad.

I later found out my Aunt had a copy of the photo, but although I borrowed numerous family photos from her, this one got over looked. There are quite a few folk in our extended family who are interested in the Gregory family tree, and when I went back to Tideswell this summer, I called in on my cousin Jonathan Buttle. He had this photograph and kindly made me a copy. Now My parents have a copy, and I have one, soon to hanging on the wall. I’m sharing it with you now.

Edwin’s father was Charles Herbert Gregory, his Grandfather was Charles Gregory and his Grandmother Elizabeth Millar.


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