What about the birds?

Today, I was sitting at work when my colleague handed me some tasty snacks, these snacks weren’t crisps or sweets, but a kind of nutty seed mix. Being no stranger to a few “Health food Products I started to chomp them down happily.

Then it occurred to me, If these things get more popular, and (They are damn tasty) what would happen to the birds? I mean come on, not only are we poisoning the earth with pesticide, there’s no yummy bugs for them to eat, we’re ripping up their habitat, left right and centre…now we are stealing their bloody seeds and nuts..OMG!!

This is random I know but, I kind of like the birds. Maybe they don’t like seeds anymore, they don’t eat the ones I put out in the garden, well, the greedy b**tard pigeon does, but I want the little birds like sparrows, blue tits and chaffinches.

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