Abseiling to start the clock

Today was the abseiling day in aid of the “Start the clock” fund. A small charity to refurbish the clock on Tideswell’s historic church, St john the Baptists’.

About 40 brave(Mad) souls volunteered and the abseiling began in the late morning. I arrived just before the 2.pm slot and was able to catch my first glimpse of someone else’s abseiling experience. It looked harder than i thought it was going to be.

Gary Newton had drawn a big crowd, and his costume raised a few eyebrows too. Luckily Gaz was just before me so by the time I had managed to get myself up into the Bell room he was just about down.After climbing the very tight tower I was not only nervous, I was dizzy too , in fact I can honestly say that instinct was starting to get the better of me and I was wondering why I had agree to do this at all.

I had tried to film my ascent up the tower but my mobile phone was more scared than I was and the pictures were so poor and patchy they were unusable. When I finally got up onto the roof I could see just what I was in for.

The wind was blowing a good gale , and when some chap clipped me onto the line I knew there was no going back,. I quickly tried the mobile phone video thing again, but got total BRAIN FREEZE and accidentally deleted the video. I decided it wasn’t to be and that I’d rely on getting footage from below or from the official Video Camera.

The Instructor asked me to step up to the plate and turn my back to the edge, that was bad, then he asked me to pup my feet on the carpet, which was draped over the edge of the parapet, THAT WAS WORSE. I was actually properly scared at that point. I knew I couldn’t fall but my natural instinct kept getting the better of me.

After a bit of steadying and a bit of nerve calming instruction I leaned back and started my descent. Pete Roberts Shouted at me to “look at the Camera” and from that moment on I totally enjoyed it. Going past the windows was a bit hairy as the wind blew me towards them but I got a decent position and was quickly past them. In fact, the whole thing was over so quickly, really. I knew I was nearly there when the crowd started clapping.

When I got my feet back on the ground, adrenaline was surging through my body, I felt truly euphoric and glad to be alive. Abseiling from such a height was truly exciting, When can I do it again? I’d like to congratulate everyone who abseiled today. Well Done. Also I want to thank the organisers for giving me the chance to do something this cool and do it for a good cause too.

Here are a few pics from my descent.

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