Quad biking in Chesire and Staffordshire

I’m quite excited about going Quad biking soon. Here is where w are going.

Quad Bike Trekking at Walnut Tree Farm is a superb family experience. Aside from being one of the most exciting, fun and challenging ways to enjoy the “off-road” experience, Quad Biking is a highly novel way for you, your friends and family to experience the great outdoors. Quad Bike Trekking with us is one of most fun ways to spend a morning.

At over 10 MILES LONG Walnut Tree Farm Barthomley easily offers the LARGEST and BEST Quad Bike Trekking in the WHOLE OF THE NORTH WEST!

Challenge your friends and family and ride your way through one of the most EXCITING, ENJOYABLE AND SAFE quad biking courses available!

Here at Walnut Tree Farm we aim to provide a fun packed quad biking experience for the whole family. Hardwearing safety equipment is provided and our qualified instructors will ensure your enjoyment and safety.
Quad Biking Parties Welcome

We offer excellent facilities for all parties, whether a special occassion – such as a birthday party – or a corporate event – Quad Biking is the ultimate way to enjoy yourself with a group of friends.
Full facilities are available, including-

* Large function room
* Toilets
* Kitchen, and
* Full disabled access

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