Linking your Social Networking apps.

Whoagh, an actual blog post! Steady on Phil

Yes, yes, I know I have been a right lazy so and so recently and not made a real blog post for ages. If I can offer some kind of excuse, I have been playing around with loads of little web2 gizmos that try to tie up all your web apps into one. If I’m making no sense, what I’m trying to say is I use several websites, but have been looking into a way of getting all the stuff I publish online synchronised into one place.

So I Only have to publish once.

Here’s where I’m at.

Posts on Blog published to facebook and twitter
All Twitter posts published to blog sidebar and Facebook status
All Delicious bookmarks published to twitter, Facebook and blog
All Flickr posts published to Facebook and blog
All Youtube videos published to Facebook

The best thing I have found to help with this is Friend feed. Thanks to a Tip from Steve Beard.

Twitterfeed is also extremely useful. It allows you to post the url of any RSS feeds you have into twitter at varied intervals. You can set the frequency and everything.
This then allows you build your readership without really lifting a finger.

Of course there has to be some content in your feed to begin with, but there are hundreds of posts on this blog, so there is always something new being sent to Twitter.

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