Pub Life across 2 counties.

Thursday night had a REALLY nice few pints of Titanic Ale in the Greyhound.

Then went to the Jolly Potter with Dave, had a few in there and spoke with a Woman from yer do!

Last night out in Matlock with Al. Spoke to a bloke and his Japanese girlfriend in Riva, she didn’t have much English and he didn’t have much Japanese either. Went in the Midland laughed at the guest ALE called “Top Totty” and chatted to a couple about all kinds of crap, they must have thought I was weird. The woman said Al and I look related, I nearly fell on the floor laughing.
” You’ve got the same eyebrows” haha.

In the Railway tavern, spoke to a load of Hens on a Hen do, they told me the average age of Hens is 29 and by that time they ARE expecting their boyfriends to ask them to marry them, oops.
Left my coat in Harveys bar like a dork.

Found this on tickled me.

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