Just setting up a FACEBOOK FRIENDS FANTASY FOOTBALL LEAGUE..should be good banter

I thought it might be a good idea to set up a fantasy football league just for my facebook friends. I have been a member of facebook for about a year now after initially being reluctant. I always play the Fantasy football over on the Premier league site, so now I have a perfect groups of people all in one place. Hopefully some mates will sign up.

My team called Tideswell Tyrants.


Years ago there was a game called DARK FUTURE. It was from Games Workshop. Me and my mates used to paint up and customise out little matchbox vehicles to look like vehicles from a post apocalyptic future..

I had a clan of drivers called Tideswell Tyrants. I still have a VW Camper Van all painted up in TT colours on my desk near my PC.
It inspired me when thinking of a name.

Come on Tideswell Tyrants! Third in last years league.

My league code is

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