Just watched Hancock. I have a name for those people who slated it…VAPID AIRHEADS. This is a good film

Before I get into the protracted and frankly pretentious world of the Film Critic, i’ll state that I know films are subjective in as much as we all like different stuff.

So I’ll make this a General pop at James King who does the BBC Radio 1 film reviews. He said Hancock was disappointing. Well, that may be true if you like the kind of mushy, “follow the herd” trip that he recommends. Will smith plays the part of a Superhero with issues Brilliantly. Whats more the sub plot about Superheros being gods from another time was clever and frankly unexpected. as was the unexpected reoccurring theme of love throughout the ages that weakened the supers.

I’d give the film an 8 out of 10, because it has action, it has a PLOT, it has 2 subplots, although rather brief. Its well acted and stirs the emotions. If you want killin killin killin this film isn’t it. If you want gay cowboys..this aint it.

but its money well spent if you want a considered movie, a bit off the tired old beated superhero genre.

Wake up King, this is one of the more intelligent films of the year, just dressed up as a Hollywood no brainer.

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