Wall-e, is it worth seeing?

So, we went to See Wall -E today. Having seen the tantalizing trailers, it was just one of those films that you have to see on the big screen. Well, That’s what I thought this morning.

The film has the usual Pixar freebie before the main feature. This time it’s the turn of PRESTO, which I honestly enjoyed. It is a clever well thought out little film showcasing the relationship between a sneaky Magician and his sidekick Rabbit in the hat. This short had a more Adult than before but still amusing and visually pleasing.

When Wall-e started it didn’t disappoint. We have pretty much all seen the preview trailers and so we know that Earth is now uninhabited due to it being over polluted with Rubbish. Humans live decadent consumer lifestyles in space, they send a modern probe (EVE) back to earth to see if it is re-habitable.

Without going into the plot, you can get that from other websites. Wall-e is not really a film for kids. It is aimed more at Adults. Despite Wall-e’s cute appearance and the cute and cool use of familiar science fiction portrayals, the film is packed with subtle and not so subtle references to our throw away, consumer society.

Good, I’m all for Hollywoods backing of Eco awareness. But I’d pretty much think that any real message is wasted on the under 5’s. If this was an opportunity to educate children, then it could have been done in a far more amusing and long lasting way.

The 3d Models, textures and characters are as ever without fault. The level of realism possible now rests with the film creators, yet if I were to air a real Grip about Wall-e it would simply be the way that it was marketed.

It is portrayed as the perfect family film, yet this film has little of interest for small children..Wall-e’s eyes are where similarities with E.T ends.

If you were thinking of taking the little uns, my advice is dont bother. The film is worth seeing, but only for the sake of saying you have seen it. Take the missus if you are in need of a guilt trip about your wasteful lifestyle. Otherwise get in the park and play football or have a picnic, because Wall-e is pretty boring as far as a movie goes.

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