Life Update

I don’t often make Round Robin sort of posts but its been a mental week with news both good and bad. Firstly, Monday morning my mum was taken in to the hospital, and it hit me pretty hard. She just goes on and on and sometimes I forget she’s getting older and a bit more fragile than she used to be. Luckily she seems to be ok for now, and will be going back for further tests.

On a lighter note, my daughter won the “Star of the week” award at her school, which of course made us very proud. She seems to have settled in really well and that is all you can really ask, we want her to be happy much more than we are bothered about results. So far she is doing well on both fronts.

Today my colleague brought over the DV file he ripped for me off an old VHS. I did this before but lost the master copy and now our VHS at work isn’t working, so he kindly helped me out. the video footage is of a band I was in in my early 20’s. Dr Abraham.

I managed to extract a small clip just for fun. Cool to watch again but mad to believe we looked and sounded that way.

Also today, I finished my Media stage advert. It’s nothing special just a little example of how schools can use Mediastage to teach French. I’ll also post that.

I had some bad news today though, I wont be able to go and coach my yr9 football team because the match date was moved without my knowledge, I have prior commitments on the match day now, so my team who are just starting to trust me are going to be without my support. I feel so guilty, I just hope they do well.

Finally, I received some amazing news regarding my 3d work today, cant say too much yet but its safe to assume I have landed my first 2comissions, it could be pretty big one too. Meeting soon so, fingers crossed.

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