Just playing the scariest game ever. Called. Left 4 dead. Omg

I’m not really a big gamer, no , wait..I’m not really a gamer at all. I own some games but i rarely play them. Computer games seem to me like a massive waste of what could be productive time. Time that could be spent writing drivel like this which no one reads, except you. Imagine then if you will popping round to a good mates house and being told, “I have a game for you”. My face dropped, here we go I thought, another innane and boring game where you have to go around and collect coins or some other utterly pointless parade. No, no, no. It took me about 2 minutes to get the controls sorted and the I was completely hooked on L4D.

I moved across a rooftop with three drone players in support, I opened a door to see a chap lolling against the doorway, he looked up and seemed to recognise me..then he came at me…naturally I blew his arm off with my shotgun and he sat back down rather quickly.

So, whats new you’re thinking? Well probably nothing, as I dont really indulge myself in the games market but this game is SCARY, the moments of suspense are great, the sounds are constant and eerie and the lighting is, well, the stuff of nightmares.

If ever I was going to go out and spend ¬£30 of my hard earned dosh on a coputer game, this would be it. Just for the scare the hell out of you, overwhelming odds, creepy screaming, puking, sprinting, scratching zombies…you get to fight, and the slim, very slim possibility that you might just get to the end alive.

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